The VIP Gold Card Privileges.
Only € 35,-
For Life !

12 Events wants you to feel at your best everytime we throw a party.
You don't want to waste your time. You want to skip the line like a VIP, enter right away and attend to the party, get a drink and don't miss out on anything !
Sounds good? Then read on.

Ok, the After 12 Event is sold out, now what?
Not for you. Because we've got you covered if you are a VIP.
You'll have the privilege of attending to the event, even when it's sold out.

Forgot to pre sale your regular tickets and want to attend to the event?
No worries there too.
Just send us an E-mail, even on the day the event takes place, and we put you on the VIP list.
You still can get inside no matter what and get a discount at the doors on the original ticket price.
Sounds better? Read on.

VIP means you're first in line to know about new and amazing events.
You and your friends will have the advantage on ordering early pre sale tickets for a limited time period before the event is published online to see for everyone, and with a huge discount on the original ticket price and no extra hidden fees !
Sounds great? More to read.

There will be a VIP area next to the DJ's.
You can see them play live up close and you'll get free drinks and foods too, maybe some meet and greet with some DJ's because you're a VIP !
This is all included in the Super Exclusive VIP ticket arrangement and you'll always get a great discount on the original ticket pricing.
Sounds amazing? Just a bit more reading if you've got the power.

For only € 35,- you'll get the exclusive Gold Card and all benefits for life !

Write us your name, age (18+) and that you want to be a VIP.
In the return mail we send you the account number. After the payment is received, you'll get the unique VIP Gold Card with a special code that's registered to you only. If you use this code you'll get all the fantastic benefits and discounts.

Just send us an E-mail at: vip @ after

Your E-mail to After 12 Events will be strictly confidential and it won't be used for any other purpose.
Only exclusive After
12 Events with great benefits will get to your inbox.
Super Exclusive VIP Benefits & Privileges:

- Super Early Bird: 35% discount (limited time period)
Early Bird: 25% discount (limited time period)
Door Sale: 10% discount (always)
- Never wait in line, enter the event in a few..
- Never pay anything for your coat, a locker or toilet visit..
- Get great discounts on all tickets..
- Enjoy feeling Super Exclusive at the amazing After
12 Events..
- With a big smile on your happy VIP face..
- The first drink is on us..
- Now let's jack that body !

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